Nishant Akshar & Sarita
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Know Us

Sarita and Nishant met….
Sarita and Nishant met in 1995 pursuing graduation. The pair went college to college securing laurels in the field of Indian Classical and Light Indian Music category. Nishant was classically trained from Gandharava Mahavidyalaya and Sarita learned the nuances of Indian Classical at Delhi University afterwards. They quickly found they had more in common than just music. Being together, since 2003, has made them both better people and better singers.

Next Jagjit & Chitra in the offing…
Today, Sarita and Nishant are next Jagjit and Chitra in the offing. Nishant has mastered the art of ghazal composing and singing since early and delivered good number of ghazal concerts, private shows and live ghazal and song nights along with his better half, Sarita. Sarita is a versatile singer with divine voice who can sing ghazals, bollywood songs or even devotional tracks effortlessly. Praised by legendary vocalists and instrumentalists of our times, she is simply exceptional. Both Nishant and Sarita combined together becomes a musical couple par excellence.

Handling a stage absorbed into their soul… 
Handling a stage is an art which Sarita and Nishant have absorbed into their soul. With many Corporate Events, Private Gatherings, Conference Concerts, and live ghazal and song concerts, giants such as I.B.M., Toyota, Steria, Auto Form, Volvo, etc. have shown their trust on them and have got more in return.

On a lookout for self composed ghazals…?
Though the art of ghazal singing allures many, rare are those who evolve their own style of composing and rendering this subtle form of expression. Nishant, a trained vocalist in Hindustani Classical, undisputedly stands among those rare. His mastery over composing and singing ghazals is distinct. Both, Sarita and Nishant adapt their vocals repertoire in accordance with the track in rendition. If you are on a lookout for that authentic ghazal evening with some decent poetry, none other than the couple fits the bill.